Tuesday 10 January 2017

Trouble Makes A Comeback by Stephanie Tromly

Trouble Makes a Comeback (Trouble, #2)After a fall semester of fiascos: getting arrested, then kidnapped, then blown up in an explosion (all thanks to the weird but brilliant Philip Digby), Zoe Webster is looking forward to a quiet spring. Now that Digby has left town, she's finally built a regular high school life for herself. She's dating Austin, the alternate QB; she knows girls she considers friends; she's learning to enjoy being normal and semi-popular. Which of course is when Digby comes back: He's got a new lead on his missing sister and he needs Zoe's help.

Suddenly Zoe is tussling with a billionaire arch-villain, locking horns with armed goons, and digging into what makes the Digby family tick, even as she tries to navigate the confusing and emotionally fraught world of high school politics and locker-room drama. After all, it's hard to explain Digby to a boy like Austin, especially when Zoe isn't sure how she feels about Digby herself—or how he feels about her.

Now that Digby's back, get ready for another hilarious whodunit filled with razor-sharp dialogue, ridiculously funny action, and the most charismatic, dynamic duo you've ever met. And just try to stay out of trouble.

We dare you.

This is the sequel to Trouble Is A Friend of Mine, which I read a year ago so of course details were foggy but I remember how much I loved it. Luckily, it is just as fresh, funny and fast as book number one. It takes place several months after the events of book one, when Digby comes sauntering into town and interrupts Zoe's new normal life, where she has good friends, a jock boyfriend, and an actual social life. But Digby has new leads on his missing sister and needs help.

In this break, Zoe has left herself have a life without Digby but of course he has to ruin all that. After that surprise kiss at the end of book one, Digby's return brought a lot of awkward but I think their dynamic has changed a little bit, as Zoe knows what to expect from him now and is a little more proactive in their adventures. 

There was a surprising love triangle as Zoe has a boyfriend in the shape of QB, sweet but slightly dim-witted Austin when Digby returns. It dragged a little because of course I knew what was going to happen, or at least I hoped desperately for it to happen! Zoe's new life with Austin may be the stereotypical teenage girl dream but I think Zoe was bored and already looking for an excuse when Digby showed up. But the normal teen drama was very entertaining and really allowed Zoe to develop as a character. And also Henry, Sloane, Felix and Bill are back - although I couldn't remember Bill from book one and I wish I couldn't remember her from book two, because my God she is annoying! 

All in all, a great book with the same snark, wit and laugh out loud moments that were present in book one. The story of Digby's past as grown and is left open for book three, as is Digby and Zoe's relationship but with hope for a good outcome. Now it's just waiting for the finale!

Published 1st December 2016 by Hot Key Books. Thank you to the publisher for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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