Friday 15 July 2016

Notes on Being Teenage by Rosalind Jana

Notes on Being TeenageHow would you describe yourself? Do you like to stand out, or fit in? Are you an Instagram junkie, or is Snapchat more your thing? Are you watching Zoella on YouTube, or reading Rookie on your phone? We're all different, and no-one's teenage years are the same. But we do all have one thing in common - being a teenager is about discovering who we are, and who we want to be.

Even though I am out of my teenage years, I like to read non-fiction based on those years. I remember my teens with equal parts horror and love, so any helpful advice to give to my 12 year old self would be lovely, and this was just that.

I actually hadn't heard of Rosalind Jana before I saw this book but after reading it, I will have to look her up. Her story of a brief modeling career, battling surgery on her back, her parent's tough backgrounds and still having a positive outlook was inspirational. 

The chapters were split into things like clothes, friendships, family life, beauty tips and school. As a fashion model and writer, she also highlighted creative outlets, like sewing your own clothes, starting a blog, getting into photography and more; admitedly, the clothes stuff kind of went over my head (as much as I'd like to, I don't know my way around a sewing machine!) but I did appreciate the brilliant continuous feminist message about self-esteem and body image.

Overall, Rosalind's advice was sound, very helpful and covered loads of topics from bullies to losing your virginity! I definitely would have loved this at age 13, especially the advice on school and exam stress. As she covered lots of aspects of life, nothing was very detailed but definitely an author to watch.

Published 9th June 2016 by Wayland. Thank you to the publisher for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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