Friday, 21 August 2015

The Good Girls by Sara Shepard

Mackenzie, Ava, Caitlin, Julie, and Parker have done some not-so-perfect things. Even though they all talked about killing rich bully Nolan Hotchkiss, they didn't actually go through with it. It's just a coincidence that Nolan died in exactly the way they planned . . . right? Except Nolan wasn't the only one they fantasized about killing. When someone else they named dies, the girls wonder if they're being framed. Or are they about to become the killer's next targets? 

Second and, I think, final book in The Perfectionists series, it's been a while since I read book one so details were foggy. But Shepard did write a clever little prologue, which went back to the original discussion that started it all, that really helped and everything came flooding back.

Still following each girl as they try and piece together what has happened, not be the next target or suspect. There were a few more killings as well as interrogations but the suspect list was getting shorter and yet more confusing. 

The ending was such an epic twist! I had run out of guesses in the first book, more than happy to just go along for the ride, but when its revealed: holy crap! It was concluded but with an open ending. I'm actually kinda happy with that, the killer was caught (sort of) but there's a possibility for more mayhem in another book. 

Basically it's all paranoia and suspicion and the girls turning on each other. It was really fun to read and I am ever so glad the killer was revealed, plus with a clever twist that kind of knocked me over! A good and mostly rounded off conclusion to their story. 

Published 2nd July 2015 by Hot Key Books. Thank you to the publisher for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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