Monday 4 January 2016

Longbow Girl by Linda Davies

While out riding, schoolgirl Merry Owen finds a chest containing an ancient Welsh text that leads her into a past filled with treasure, secrets and danger. But it's her skill with the Longbow, an old family tradition, that will save her future.

Merry's family has lived and worked on the same farm in Wales for generations but now money is running out and their land is under threat from the other old family living in the hills. 

This was historical fiction with a twist of time travel. I loved the crossover; the actual time travel might have come a little late for my liking but Merry wasn't your typical young girl and worked out how to go back and forth and change her family's future. I loved how the history was intertwined with the present, the implications the burial site had on Merry's future. 

Plus, it was so easy to read, to fall into Merry's life and go along on her adventure, as she takes on her family's financial burden and desperately tries to save her family's legacy. And through this legacy, the two families history and battle for the land, we learned some Welsh mythology. I don't know much about that part of the country so it was really cool to see how the land, the Brecon hills and everything else, had influenced the stories that have been passed down. All in all, a great read, something new to break out of my comfort zone, maybe a little young but still a well written story of family and history.

Published 3rd September 2015 by Chicken House.

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