Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2016 Reading Challenges

Here are details of all the reading challenges I'm taking part in this year.

Goodreads is the only way I keep track of my reading and my TBR piles and I've been getting better each year at how many books I can read. In 2015 I managed to read just over 150 so I've set it to 125 and see how we go.

A to Z 
I'm sort of unofficially doing this challenge. I was told about it by friend and colleague Alyce and it sounds like fun, a bit different. I believe it's hosted by a reading group on Goodreads and there are a few ways you can do it, for example by title or author or series; I'm doing it by title and have already got a few lined up. 

Sophie has convinced me to give this one a try and after my degree, I've been meaning to read all those books I should have already read. Hosted by Stacey at The Pretty Books, you can sign up here. On my list so far is: Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, Tell-Tale Heart, Alice In Wonderland, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Northanger Abbey.

British Books
This year it is hosted by Kirsty over at The Overflowing Library, sign up here. I usually read quite a few UKYA books, it's a genre I enjoy anyway, so this way I can properly keep track.

I've also been challenged by my fiance to read his all time favourite book: White Wolf by David Gemmell, along with (hopefully/maybe) The Lord of the Rings.

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