Monday 13 January 2014

Happy Birthday, Awful Lot of Reading!

12 January 2012 - the beginning of An Awful Lot Of Reading

Yes, I can hardly believe it but my blog is two years old! Last year I celebrated with a giveaway and this year I'm afraid I've been a bit busy and preoccupied to organise myself - in fact, I almost forgot about my blogoversary all together!

Even though I don't have a giveaway for you (sorry about that, but hopefully soon!) I had to mark the occasion somehow, so I've decided to reflect and bore you all with the details. 

I might be quite young compared to some of my blogger friends but now I've been around for a while, I think I've learned some things in my time. Like don't let the lack of views and/or comments get you down, and you shouldn't let internet trolls ruin the experience of blogging for you. I can guarantee that I've felt a bit rubbish at blogging at several moments over the last two years and even thought of stopping at least once, but even though there have been some really sucky moments, I am so glad I didn't stop. Because even though all the bad thoughts, the lack of feedback and publishing contacts really did make my cry, I'm actually really proud of myself that I kept going. Yeah, I'm not the most well-known but I have made the best of friends, found a great support network and some friends in publishing and writing. It might have taken two years to get my blog to where I wanted it but it was worth it.

Not to say I don't want to stop there. I mean, come on, I only have - combining blogger and bloglovin - about 70 followers. Compared to some, that's nothing! But I am truly honoured to have any at all, so thank you for sticking with me and here's to spreading the book love!

Now that's out the way, let's skip ahead to what's going to happen now. I've learned a lot since my first review (Frankenstein, FYI) and hopefully I've gotten better *fingers crossed* But I don't want to stop there. You may have noticed that I'm writing more discussion and personal posts; I really want to keep that going, I like writing things other than sometimes-read reviews! Posts that get people talking, heck flocking to my blog would awesome! So I'd like to turn to you, my lovely readers, to ask for any suggestions, requests even, of anything you might like to hear my opinion on. 

I'd also love to get involved in other projects. I don't have any of my own right now, apart from my WIP, so I'd like to direct your attention, if I may, to Project UKYA. Created by Lucy, Queen of Contemporary, it highlights and supports UK based authors and books set in our little country. As much as I adore books set just about anywhere, I love it when it's places I recognise. Maybe it's easier for me to relate to, to place myself in the characters shoes, maybe it's easier to imagine the scene when it's somewhere I've seen for real, but mostly, I think UKYA has something very special to offer readers and while it is difficult to pinpoint, that style and feel, I love it all the same. 

I think that's enough of my words. So let me finish up by thanking each and every one of you for supporting my blog, and me, and join me in wishing An Awful Lot of Reading a very happy birthday. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Awful Lot of Reading!!! Always enjoy your writing style, even if our interest in material is relatively different.

  2. Happy Birthday! You're definitely one of my favourites! I know what you mean about comments/views etc, it gets me down sometimes so it's good to see that it gets better!

  3. Happy blogoversary! I've always loved your blog and your reviews. So glad you are not planning to stop!

  4. Happy blogoversary. Hope it's the first of many :)

  5. Happy blogoversary! I dont think you can judge a blog by the number of followers. So keep at it! And cant wait to meet you :D