Wednesday 6 February 2013

Witch Crag by Kate Cann

Publisher: Scholastic
Published: 4th October 2012
Pages: 384
In a tribe where basic survival is the only priority, Kita must make a choice: to accept arranged marriages and being treated with less value than sheep, or escape and journey to the place that even the strongest men fear with their lives — Witch Crag.

But a common threat is facing the witches and sheepmen alike. The tribes must somehow overcome their prejudices and join together if they are to win a war that threatens to destroy everything they hold as good.

This story is all about Kita, a young teen living in a tribe where all she has to look forward to is bearing children and looking after sheep. But she's something different. She has the urge to get out and see the world, find the witches that are supposed to be evil and scary but she knows that they are not. The friendship she has with her two best friends is strong and adorable, but she is jealous that they fall in love. Understandably, I think, but it comes across as a little childish.

It is a fascinating idea for dystopia - Cann makes references to a Great Havoc that causes the remaining people to return to simpler and more primitive ways of life. Then there is the city, a broken down civilisation with rusty cars and burned down skyscrapers. That's where the real bad guys life. Subtle comment on the hardship of modern life, huh?

The book started out brilliantly, with the mythical image of Witch Crag and a better life for the three friends, but the ending felt kind of rushed and I got the impression that Kita was being favourited with all her new magical powers. None the less, a great little book that keeps you engaged and inspires you to begin your own journey.

This counted towards my genre variety challenge.

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  1. I've been meaning to read this since I was sent it a while back, but haven't got round to it yet... I might have to pick it up after your review. Thank you! :D