Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekly Highlights: the 'Fallen Angel' edition

Weekly Highlights is a feature borrowed from Faye of A Daydreamer's Thoughts, where I get to highlight my posts of the week, show you my new books and talk about bookish things!

There was no news or new books last week. In fact, apart from the Becca Fitzpatrick/Moira Young event, there isn't much bookish news to report this week. By the time this goes up, the event will have happened but at time of writing, I have yet to attend. I plan to post a write-up next week with all the details so keep your eye out. 

On The Blog
Review of The Mediator series by Meg Cabot (5 stars)
Review of Half Bad by Sally Green (4 stars)
Review of The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E Lockhart (4 stars)
Review of Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (5 stars)

Currently Reading
At the time of writing (Friday afternoon), I've just started Terminated by Rachel Caine, the third in the Revivalist series. Details are foggy on the previous books but some things are coming back. Next up is a re-read of Mockingjay before the movie.

On My Bookshelf
Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L Armentrout
Layla Shaw is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life—no easy task for a seventeen-year-old who’s pretty sure things can’t get worse. Her impossibly gorgeous best friend, Zayne, is forever off-limits thanks to the mysterious powers of her soul-stealing kiss. The Warden clan that has always protected her is suddenly keeping dangerous secrets. And she can barely think about Roth, the wickedly hot demon prince who understood her in ways no one else could.

But sometimes rock bottom is only the beginning. Because suddenly Layla’s powers begin to evolve, and she’s offered a tantalizing taste of what has always been forbidden. Then, when she least expects it, Roth returns, bringing news that could change her world forever. She’s finally getting what she always wanted, but with hell literally breaking loose and the body count adding up, the price may be higher than Layla is willing to pay…

A fluke find on Amazon; I read the first book White Hot Kiss a few months ago and as this was so cheap, and a bit of a guilty pleasure, I had to find out what happens next!

Trouble by Non Pratt

When the entire high school finds out that Hannah Shepard is pregnant via her ex-best friend, she has a full-on meltdown in her backyard. The one witness (besides the rest of the world): Aaron Tyler, a transfer student and the only boy who doesn’t seem to want to get into Hannah’s pants. Confused and scared, Hannah needs someone to be on her side. Wishing to make up for his own past mistakes, Aaron does the unthinkable and offers to pretend to be the father of Hannah’s unborn baby. Even more unbelievable, Hannah hears herself saying “yes.”

Told in alternating perspectives between Hannah and Aaron, Trouble is the story of two teenagers helping each other to move forward in the wake of tragedy and devastating choices. As you read about their year of loss, regret, and hope, you’ll remember your first, real best friend—and how they were like a first love.

Lobster by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison
Sam and Hannah only have the holidays to find 'The One'. Their lobster. But instead of being epic, their summer is looking awkward. They must navigate social misunderstandings, the plotting of well-meaning friends, and their own fears of being virgins for ever to find happiness. But fate is at work to bring them together. And in the end, it all boils down to love.

These two are hand-me-downs from a friend at work - thank you Jess!

The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable
Alone in the world, Sophie dreams of being someone special, but she could never have imagined this. 

On a school trip to Russia, Sophie and her two friends find themselves on the wrong train. They are rescued by the beautiful Princess Anna Volkonskaya, who takes them to her winter palace and mesmerises them with stories of lost diamonds and a tragic past. 

But as night falls and wolves prowl, Sophie discovers more than dreams in the crumbling palace of secrets.

And finally this is part recommendation from Jess, a need to read it because it's Waterstone's Children's Book of the Month, and because the proof was in the staff room. It sounds amazing, a fairy-tale type of story with a winter twist, just in time for Christmas!

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  1. Lobsters and Trouble are two of the best books I've read this year. I hope you love them as much as I did!