Friday, 31 October 2014

Dark of the Moon by Siobhan Curham

This time, there’s no fire in the dream. All I see is a hazy yellow glow. Then a beautiful girl’s face slowly appears. She’s smiling at me, but a tear is trickling down her cheek. She opens her mouth to speak, but before she can say a word a snake slithers out from between her lips, its fangs bared.

For Grace, being shipwrecked on a deserted island has brought two good things: new friendships . . . and Cruz, her soulmate. But as her romance with Cruz intensifies, so do the strange happenings on the island. A girl haunts Grace’s dreams – but what does she want? And will she ever let Grace leave?

Love, betrayal and voodoo darkness, beneath a seething sun . . .

The second in the Shipwrecked series held even more surprises and spells for Grace and the gang. Even though I read Shipwrecked a couple of months ago, details were sketchy but luckily, everything came flooding back as soon as I opened the book. I fell right back into the terror of the unknown with Hortense the voodoo queen lurking over Grace's shoulder. 

I so needed to find out what happened to them all and what a surprise, they couldn't make it off the island. Hortense still needs Grace for something and is keeping them all on the island until the moon is its darkest and the spell will work. For what, we had no idea until the very end. So, they were lured to the other side of the island where there is a spiritual retreat, completely cut off from the rest of the world, where they meet Ruby, Lola and Michael. Things there didn't quite make sense and understandably they couldn't relax, even with proper food and real beds! But at least they were all back together, as the few that had split off didn't make it far and were forced back to the island.

For most of the book, I was distrustful of Ruby, the retreat's owner; she didn't make it difficult, being all weird and forceful and distant. Then there were her guests, Lola and Michael. I could see why Grace instantly clicked with Lola but I was still wary of her, it was all a bit too easy that she had found them. As for Michael, he was angry and rude and while that was annoying, I could completely understand why.

And on the ending! The last few chapters held so many shockers I nearly dropped the book! I was so scared for her, she really was blind-sided with where her enemy was. Hortense's plan really was brilliant and of course terrifying, and unfortunately executed very well; I'm not sure how Grace is going to get out of this one! 

Published 3rd July 2014 by Electric Monkey.

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  1. Really must get around to this! So glad it's as good as the first!