Wednesday 7 May 2014

Top Protagonists: Female

To compliment my top male protagonists, here are my favourite female main characters. Again, almost certainly not my own idea!

- Cath from Fangirl - oh, a girl after my own heart, Rainbow Rowell creates someone we can all relate to, from her love for fan-fiction to her feeling completely alone at new college campus.
- Katy from Lux series - faced with strange neighbours, Katy had just the right balance of blind curiosity and reserved judgement to find out what the hell is going on in her new town. And she was a book blogger, who falls in love with a gorgeous alien! What's not to love?
- Tella from Fire and Flood - the story might be a bit of a rip-off of The Hunger Games, but Tella could not be more different from Katniss; no survival skills, inappropriately vain and sarcastic attitude, Tella was surprisingly refreshing in the dystopian genre, as she was completely normal. Maybe a little too preoccupied with the cute guy when she should be focusing on how to survive, but still gotta love her!
- Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone - from her startling blue hair to her amazing drawing skills, Karou is not quite what she seems. The human daughter of a family of chimera, Karou is strong-willed and adventurous and just wanted her happy ending. Oh, and of course a special shout-out to best friend Zuzana, who is adorable and hilarious.
- Allie from The Immortal Rules - growing up fighting to survive in the slums, Allie almost dies but is saved by Kanin, who offers her a choice: vampire or death. Allie was pretty kickass, even though she barely knew the first thing about being a vampire. More importantly, she had a good heart and the strength to be the bad guy if it meant saving the ones she loves.
- Poppy from Soulmates - of course the girl who is skeptical about love finds the most gorgeous guy, it's just the way it works! Luckily, Poppy is too adorable to stay mad at, plus her and Noah's love story is so damn sweet, it breaks my heart to think about.
- Wanderer from The Host - I know there are very mixed feelings about this book, but I for one love it wholeheartedly. Wanderer is a fantastic narrator, as an alien new to our planet, we see things from her perspective and trying to explain the way things are can get annoying. But she quickly falls in love with her little band of humans and I adore the way she flails to understand human relationships.
- Harriet from Geek Girl - just thinking about Harriet's adventures makes me laugh! She is the most unlikely model ever but from her spouting random facts to her complete inability to see the obvious until too late, you can't help but fall in love with her.

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