Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekly Highlights: the 'surprise post' edition

Weekly Highlights is a feature borrowed from Faye of A Daydreamer's Thoughts, where I get to highlight my posts of the week, show you my new books and talk about bookish things! 

A rather uneventful week that was interrupted by rain, wind and then great book post in the form of Chicken House future releases and the final Night Huntress book! In other news, nothing to report.

On The Blog
Review of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (5 stars)
Discussion: Books That Need More Love (In My Opinion)
Review of Days Of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (4 stars)

Currently Reading
Rock War by Robert Muchamore and binging on new book, Up From The Grave by Jeaniene Frost because I could not wait!

On My Bookshelf
Where The Rock Splits The Sky by Philip Webb

The moon has been split, and the Visitors have Earth in their alien grip. But the captive planet? That's not her problem. Megan just wants to track down her missing dad...

The world stopped turning long before Megan was born. Ever since the Visitors split the moon and stilled the Earth, permanent sunset is all anyone has known. But now, riding her trusty steed Cisco, joined by her posse, Kelly and Luis, Megan is on the run from her Texas hometown, journeying across the vast, dystopic American West to hunt down her father. To find him, she must face the Zone, a notorious landscape where the laws of nature do not apply. The desert can play deadly tricks on the mind, and the quest will push Megan past her limits. But to solve the mystery of not just her missing father but of the paralyzed planet itself, she must survive it--and an alien showdown.

The Glass Bird Girl by Esme Kerr
Orphan Edie is sent by her art dealer uncle to Knight’s Haddon School, to investigate the disappearance of a precious glass bird belonging to his secretive client’s daughter, Anastasia, an unhappy Russian princess. But what Edie uncovers instead is a dangerous mystery that only the girls themselves can solve.  

These two are surprise post from Chicken House which came with their press releases for July-December this year. They both look pretty awesome and I can't wait to get stuck in!

The Fearless by Emma Pass
The Fearless. An army, powered by an incredible new serum that makes each soldier stronger, sharper, faster than their enemies. Intended as a force for good, the serum has a terrible side-effect - anyone who takes it is stripped of all humanity, empathy, love. And as the Fearless sweep through the country, forcing the serum on anyone in their path, society becomes a living nightmare.

Cass remembers the night they passed through her village. Her father was Altered. Her mother died soon after. All Cass has left is her little brother - and when Jori is snatched by the Fearless and taken to their hellish lair, Cass must risk everything to get him back.

A find on Netgalley; I loved Emma's first novel ACID so I have high hopes for this one!

Up From The Grave by Jeaniene Frost
Lately, life has been unnaturally calm for vampires Cat Crawfield and her husband Bones. They should have known better than to relax their guard, because a shocking revelation sends them back into action to stop an all-out war…

A rogue CIA agent is involved in horrifying secret activities that threaten to raise tensions between humans and the undead to dangerous heights. Now Cat and Bones are in a race against time to save their friends from a fate worse than death…because the more secrets they unravel, the deadlier the consequences. And if they fail, their lives—and those of everyone they hold dear— will be hovering on the edge of the grave.

Cat and Bones' seventh and final book! I love this series with all my heart and I'm sorry to see it end but I'm sure Frost will not disappoint!


  1. I'm so jeaous you got The Fearless *runs to NetGalley*

  2. Quite a selection!!! Where the Rock Splits the Sky looks especially intriguing!

  3. Surprise book post is the best! I really hope youre enjoying Rock War <3

  4. I so need to read the Night Huntress Series. The Glass Bird Girl looks fantastic! Enjoy your books :D