Sunday 10 November 2013

Weekly Highlights: the 'finale' edition

Weekly Highlights is a feature borrowed from Faye of A Daydreamer's Thoughts, where I get to highlight my posts of the week, show you my new books and talk about bookish things! 

No big news this week, just a couple new books, a big review for the final book in the Divergent trilogy, and the final book in the Morganville series. Been a good reading week too, finished After Eden and Daylighters in days!

On The Blog
Review of How To Love by Katie Cotugno (5 stars)
Review of Allegiant by Veronica Roth (4 stars)

Currently Reading
Hooked by Liz Fichera. Just started it but seems very interesting so far. Haven't read anything about Native Americans, or golf, so should be good!

On My Bookshelf
The Look by Sophia Bennett
Ted doesn't think of herself as glamorous. But her gorgeous sister Ava is. So when it's Ted who spotted by a model agency, at the same time that Ava is diagnosed with cancer, things have clearly gone very wrong. Ted isn't interested in modelling but Ava wants her to give it a try. Just how far will Ted go to please her sister? And what sacrifices will she have to make?

Found this in The Works, and after You Don't Know Me, I snatched this up right away! It was only sheer will-power and the reminder that I had no more money that I didn't get 3 for £5. 

Daylighters by Rachel Caine
While Morganville, Texas, is often a troubled town, Claire Danvers and her friends are looking forward to coming home. But the Morganville they return to isn’t the one they know; it’s become a different place—a deadly one…

Something drastic has happened in Morganville while Claire and her friends were away. The town looks cleaner and happier than they’ve ever seen it before, but when their incoming group is arrested and separated—vampires from humans—they realize that the changes definitely aren’t for the better.

It seems that an organization called the Daylight Foundation has offered the population of Morganville something they’ve never had: hope of a vampire-free future. And while it sounds like salvation—even for the vampires themselves—the truth is far more sinister and deadly.

Now, Claire, Shane and Eve need to find a way to break their friends out of Daylighter custody, before the vampires of Morganville meet their untimely end.

Picked it up on Tuesday, the day of publication, finished it yesterday morning. And oh my God, it was so good!


  1. I'm reading Daylighters at the moment and AH! ALL OF THE THINGS ARE HAPPENING AND I'M SCARED FOR EVERYONE.

  2. The Rachel Caine series is one I started but never kept up with. Maybe its time to change that! Cant believe you went in The Works and only bought one book :P