Friday 12 September 2014

Friday Reads: Revolution and Dear Life

A new feature on the blog so you can see what I'm reading as I'm reading it and hear some random thoughts I have that can't wait for the full review. 

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly 
Another one that's been sat on my shelf for way too long, this is one for my Lucky 14 Challenge. Originally bought for my dissertation then not chosen, this tells of both modern life and old diary entries from the French Revolution. Andi is grieving the loss of her brother and finds comfort in the words of a century-old French girl. I am loving the blend of old and new, the past meeting the present and all that. The history of Paris is amazing and fascinating to read, at least to me! I'm not very far through because am reading it quite slowly but I am falling for Andi and all her troubles.

Dear Life by Alice Munro
A borrowed book from my grandmother, it's been sat on my shelf for months and I finally have my TBR under some semblance of control that I can read it. It's a collection of short stories, I think 14 in total, that show life as it truly is: messy and wonderful. They all involve a journey and show how everything leads to home, which for Munro is Toronto. I've only the first few so far, but I am enjoying them; they are realistic and have no happy ending waiting for them other than the normalcy of everyday life.

That's what I'm reading this weekend - tell me what you're hoping to read or are reading this Friday!

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