Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Top Laugh Out Loud Books

Sometimes we just need something funny, something out there and weird that makes us laugh. And as I'm struggling with the whole "adult life" nonsense, I thought I'd share my list of books that never fail to make me giggle.

1 - Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging - my all time favourite teen series, one that runs throughout my teen years. I once spit out water from laughing while reading this, and burst out laughing on a train station. That was awkward. 

2 - Geek Girl - Harriet is funny without realising and the situations she finds herself in, especially modelling-wise, bless her, she is so out of her depth!

3 - Don't Even Think About It - a group of teens develop mind reading powers and can snoop in classmates and families heads? Yeah, it's kinda awkward and reveals some cringe-worthy secrets but God it was funny!

4 - Lobsters - Sam and Hannah's hit and miss story is heart warming and funny, mostly because it captures teenage life so well, especially that pressure to find The One

5 - The Duff - a bit more cynical than romantic but just as funny as any other teen rom-com. Bianca is a great heroine, doesn't take any crap, sarcastic and surprisingly soppy.

6 - Anna and the French Kiss - ah, St Clair. I almost don't need to say anything about Perkins' books. I love Anna and St Clair's story, it's funny and romantic and perfect. 

7 - From What I Remember - the absolutely ridiculous tale of getting kidnapped to Mexico on the trail of the perfect graduation speech. So very funny, a little cringe-y with some awkward kisses and a run across the border thrown in.

8 - Paper Towns - first Margo's late night quest then Q's determination to find her, the whole adventure is insane and hilarious. Plus Black Santa's, enough said. 

9 - The End of the World as We Know It - group if misfits try and survive an alien invasion with water pistols and inappropriate humour. Bring it on!

10 - Attachments - another rom-com of a book. I got my laughs imagining Lincoln's face as he read private and in-joke emails between two colleagues. It's a little awkward but you can't help rooting for Lincoln and Beth, even as he's snooping on her secrets.
Any of these on your lists too? Have I missed any? Let me know!

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  1. Great list! Georgia is my-go when I need a giggle - those books just never get old!