Friday 10 April 2015

All That Glitters by Holly Smale

Harriet Manners has high hopes for the new school year: she's a Sixth Former now, and things are going to be different. But with Nat busy falling in love at college and Toby preoccupied with a Top Secret project, Harriet soon discovers that's not necessarily a good thing... 

Yup, bullet points again, it's that sort of thought process:
  • Harriet is starting sixth form: officially a grown up now! Except not really, as she proves
  • Even at 16, Harriet is still way to naive and trusting. First it was her competitive nature annoying her class mates, then it was all of them flocking to her because her modelling shots had been released. And she doesn't realise until too late, bless her. 
  • She changed herself. She didn't notice until the end, until she realised what she had given up, but as she was suddenly popular, she thought she could get away with things but as it turns out, of course, her classmates are shallow and never really liked her cute, quirky side.
  • Despite her being older and a little wiser, it is another heart warming story of being true to yourself and knowing who your friends are
  • I do love Harriet's stories. It may take her a while but she does learn from her mistakes and knows who to trust and it was really brave of her to make new friends and rediscover herself as an adult. Sort of. 

Published 26th February 2015 by Harper Collins. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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