Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Unstoppable by Liz Bankes

Rosie has managed to wangle spending the summer before uni in the same house as her boyfriend Cal – but who else should also be staying except for the infamous man-eater, Cleo.

Things between Cal and Rosie could never have been described as easy, but her growing jealousy seems like an unstoppable force. Can their love weather the storm?

I knew I would love this; a contemp romance with some extra drama and paranoia, always a good combination for a good story. And this was a great story, because it didn't revolve around Rosie and Cal's relationship. Don't get me wrong, it was a huge part of it, but there was also her group of friends and worries about everyone moving away for university, the differing dynamics in Cal's house with Cleo's arrival and Rosie's sucky summer job. 

So first off, Cleo wasn't much of a man-eater. In fact, I kinda liked her, which was surprising. She kept to herself and it was obvious she had been through some serious shit. It was told mostly from Rosie's perspective but occasionally there was a letter written by Cleo, to the mysterious M, which showed a caring side to her we didn't see from Rosie's dealings with her. immediately liked Rosie, I can relate to her very easily as I'm a worrier too. A lot of her development was to do with her self-confidence which was very much lacking in the start but as she and Cal worked through their issues, she grew better aware of herself.

As for Cal, he was super adorable; dorky, funny, willing to do so much for Rosie. But it seemed like he was keeping something from her and when she see's him coming out of Cleo's room in the middle of the night, Rosie is worried. Unfortunately, instead of just talking to him about it, she let her crazy fester inside of her and mad worries run around her head. I know exactly how she feels but I was just screaming 'communicate!' at her whenever she let a moment pass. 

Of course, the situation wasn't as bad as it seemed and things were fairly innocent between Cleo and Cal but there were still some secrets that he hadn't shared about school and his future. This made things pretty awkward and everything had sort of spun out of control just because they were both scared of disappointing the other. Luckily, this is a great romantic story and things change for the better between Cal and Rosie. Actually between a lot of couples, which was really sweet and an adorable happy ending. Nothing is perfect but it's always better to be honest and use your words, something we should all remember with all our relationships. 

Published 1st July 2014 by Piccadilly Press. Thank you to the publisher for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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