Wednesday 23 April 2014

Top Protagonists: Male

This is something I've been pondering a while, after a long ago Top Ten Tuesday. So, with the proper ownership known, I will begin my list. Side note: this does not include love interests, that is a whole other list!

- Quentin from Paper Towns - smart and brave, if a bit blind to love, Q is willing to travel across the country on the day of his graduation to bring back the girl he loves and solve her mystery.
- Leo from The End Of The World As We Know It - technically sharing the lead role with three other characters, Leo was the comic relief in the apocalypse and was surprisingly helpful in planning attacks and saving the damsels.
- Lincoln from Attachments - adorably sweet and shy, Lincoln falls in love with a girl by spying on her email. Sounds a bit creepy like that, but Lincoln was troubled by moral implications, as he grows closer to a woman he has never met.
- Vlad from Prince of Darkness series - technically, Vlad would definitely by on my book crush list but I can't keep him off this one; as much a part of Leila's story as Leila is, Vlad gets his chance to tell his tale in this spin-off the Night Huntress series, and boy what a story it is!
- R from Warm Bodies - so very unique in his story-telling and his voice, R has that little something in his story that I haven't come across since. Slowly getting his humanity back in a world over run by zombies, R has to be brave in his search for something better.
- Noah from Pushing The Limits - beyond troubled, Noah has many issues but so does Echo; they fall, somewhat fitfully, in love and help each other through. Noah's voice was painfully truthful and he was brave and strong-willed and daft but at the end, so in love that he was willing to do anything.

What do you think of my list? Agree with them, think I've missed anyone off?

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