Tuesday, 4 December 2012

BlogINK Blog Tour a.k.a Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

Hey guys! So the UK peeps will probably be aware of the MiraINK competition they've been running, to win a year long contract to be their blogger - pretty incredible opportunity, right? Obviously I entered but I didn't get into round two, but my friend Sophie, of So Many Books So Little Time, did!

I'm really proud of her, she's being blogging for over 4 years now and really deserves this chance to blog for an actual publisher! As part of this second round of the competition, she has to run her own media campaign to get her video as far as possible, hence this brilliant idea of a blog tour!

Now, onto what you can do: watch this video. Like it, comment on it, share it. That's all. Of course, if you comment on it - or this post, or any other post in the blog tour - you have a chance to win a book! Don't ask me which one, ask Sophie, it's her giveaway! And, every 100 views on the video, there will be another chance to win! Enough incentive to pass around the book blogger community? I thought so :)

Here is Sophie's simple yet impressive video explaining why she ought to win:

So next up in this blog tour is Viv, go check her out tomorrow and comment on her post for more chances to win! Plus, you know, spreading the word helps Sophie win this contract, but mostly free books! Hehe :)