Friday 13 October 2017

October TBR and Life Update

Let's just breeze past the fact that it's practically halfway through the month and I'm only just posting a TBR - I've been super busy, ok? My work/life/study balance has been turned upside down the past couple of weeks and everything has been hectic, I'm basically just working and sleeping. Hence the radio silence - I'm sorry!

Anyway, I started my masters at the beginning of October and since then, all I've read, and am planning on reading, is set texts. To recap, so far this month I have read: Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, After Supper Ghost Stories by Jerome K Jerome, A Flock of Shadows edited by Claire Houguez and Nightmare Abbey by Thomas Love Peacock.

For the rest of the month, I'm going to be studying (and therefore reading): Lady of the Shroud by Bram Stoker and Speedy Death by Gladys Mitchell. Then I've got to get started on the first ones of November, which is The Face in the Glass by Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Collected Ghost Stories by MR James.

This is turning into a super fun-filled blog post!

Right, life update: like I said, I feel like I'm ever so slightly drowning in books and reading prep and essay planning. Why did I think going back to university was a good idea? Oh yeah, because I love books, even when the enormous pile of them next to my bed is trying to kill me!

All I wanted to say was I am still around, just a heck of a lot less! I hope you can understand that my studies have to take priority and even though I miss you all so much, just everything online really, I barely have time to take a breath!

Let me know what you're reading this month, what exciting books you're looking forward to, and if you could study anything what would it be? (Oh and can anyone guess what subject/genre I'm studying?)

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