Friday 16 December 2016

New To Me Authors of 2016

Once again I'm late to the party, this time in more ways than one! I rarely do Top Ten Tuesdays but this is a great topic and of course it should have been up a week ago. Anyway, here are some authors that I read for the first time this past year.

The Next Together (The Next Together #1)Lauren James - I actually read both of her books this year but specifically I'm talking about her incredible debut: The Next Together. The science, the use of time, the completely original look at reincarnation, the epic love story, all of it was amazing. 
Alwyn Hamilton - everyone should have heard about Alywn by now, her debut Rebel of the Sands totally rocked the blogosphere and was justified! 
Louise GornallUnder Rose-Tained Skies gave such a heart-felt and accurate description of mental illness that had me nearly in tears. 

Gwenda Bond - I hadn't really heard of Gwenda before Curious Fox sent me her Lois Lane books but I am glad I started with them because I am all about the superheroes lately and hearing more about a strong supportive woman in the DC universe was right up my street. 
Jane Austen - I read Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice for the Classics Challenge this year and really enjoyed both of them. I have technically read Northanger before but it was A- years ago (in school!) and B- before I was on Goodreads so it doesn't count. Ha. 
Passenger (Passenger, #1)Marie Lu - I've been aware of the Legend trilogy for ages - duh, I haven't been living under a rock - but just haven't had a change to pick it up. That is until I found it cheap and complete in The Works and sped through it. 
Alexandra Bracken - everyone goes on about how great her The Darkest Minds books are but I only picked this author up because of Passenger, a time-travelling pirate story. Do I need to say more?Daphne Du Maurier - another Classics Challenge catch-up. I'd heard of Rebecca, her most famous novel, before but only read it this year and oh boy! So damn good!
Emery Lord - I really don't know why it's taken me this long to read an Emery Lord book, her contemporary romances are beautifully written and tend to include some amazing real-life issues as well. This is especially true in When We Collided which is her latest novel and I read this year. 
Jay Kristoff - now, Jay I'd heard of but wasn't all too fussed about his books. Until Illuminae came along last year, co-authored with Amie Kaufman. One of my new all-time favourite books, it blew me away and then his new solo book, Nevernight, came out this year and I gobbled that up too! 

There you have it! My top ten list of author's I really should have read before but now consider them up there in my favourites. Do you share any authors or books on my list? What's on yours? 


  1. Alwyn Hamilton is also on my list - along with Annette Marie, Julia Gray and about a dozen others. Its been a really good reading year for me :)

  2. I actually didn't read that many books this year (60 whereas in previous years I've read more than 200) but some of my favourite new to me authors were Lisa Heathfield, Louise Gornall, and some poetry authors because poetry is one of those things that I took a massive interest in this past year :)