Wednesday 19 August 2015

Becoming Death by Melissa Brown

Ever since her father's demise, Madison Clark knew death had her number. After losing her first job, she is ushered into the cryptic family business. Little does she know her family is hiding a dark secret; they are grim reapers, custodians of souls on their journey to the beyond. Madison expects her historic legacy to have benefits beyond immortality. What she doesn't expect is to still be struggling for cash while reaping souls on the side.

As if being Death's minion wasn't strenuous enough, Madison finds herself back at school with her worst enemy studying the ancient rules, methods and paperwork of her vocation. In a cascade of life changes: her best friend admits he’s in love with her and she starts a new job as a professional mourner, but she can’t help thinking her family might have other secrets. 

Just when things are finally starting to feel normal again Death throws her a curveball: her next victim is her best friend. Madison must find a way to overcome the strict guidelines of being a grim reaper in order to save his life.

At 18, Madison really doesn't know where her life is going next but taking up the family business of taking souls was not what she expected! Understandably, she has trouble adjusting to her new job, it's violent and strange and terribly sad, but she's got to do it. Brown had a very odd way of setting it, with rules, classes, paperwork, hierarchy, just like a real business, even "Mr D" has an office! 

It was a very cool, if morbid, premise and for the most part it was handled pretty well. Not how I thought it was going to play out but good none the less. However, it could have been flushed out a lot more, and even only at 200-odd pages, some things were skipped over and I ended up a little lost. But it did have a good mix of creepy, sad and gruesome with funny, light and normal family drama. 

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Published 12th June 2015. Thank you to the author for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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