Friday, 5 December 2014

Movie review: Mockingjay Part One

If you are any kind of fan at all, I would have thought that you've already seen this movie but just in case, I call spoilers on both the book and the movie.

The one and main thing I loved about this movie was how true it was to the book. I re-read it in preparation and I'm really glad I did; I knew what horrible bits were coming and I could see all the tiny details from the book. So, the things I recognised and loved that they kept in from the book included: stepping on the skull in 12, finding Buttercup in the house, Gale and Katniss out hunting, the conditions of her being the Mockingjay. Even some lines, like 'if we burn, you burn with us' and 'it's the things we love that destroy us'. 

Seeing the familiar from the book was awesome but actually seeing the descriptions come to life... that never gets old. I loved, absolutely loved, seeing Finnick's confession alongside Peeta's rescue; that was incredibly dramatic and nerve-wrecking. Then there was extra, very cinematic, stuff like the riots in the districts; I particularly loved seeing rebels blow up the hydraulic dam in 5 after The Hanging Tree song, that was powerful stuff. We also saw Snow's response to seeing Katniss in the hospital in 8, where he reasoned that any association with the Mockingjay was considered treason; Coin and Plutarch in discussion about Katniss; Snow planning speeches; seeing the Capitol's reaction to the power outages. All of this just added to the overall story of the distrust and abuse between the Capitol and the districts. 

Even though Effie isn't in the book, I can see why they bought her in instead of Katniss's prep team; Effie is more recognizable in the movies and she does know Katniss better than she thinks so came up with good suggestions, treated Katniss like normal and all that. Speaking of treating Katniss normally, Haymitch's entrance was everything I wanted from that man: rude, sarcastic but still wanting to get the job done.

Finally, the ending/cut-off point. I wasn't really sure where they were going to end it but having it just after the rescue/murder attempt made it feel final; sort of on a cliffhanger but still like it's own movie. I can see that Part Two is going to be about Peeta's recovery and the battle into the Capitol. All in all, a fantastic portrayal of the book, an amazing movie (anyone else still got The Hanging Tree in their head?) and I cannot wait for Part Two!

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