Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weekly Highlights: the e-book frenzy edition

Weekly Highlights is a feature borrowed from Faye of A Daydreamer's Thoughts, where I get to highlight my posts of the week, show you my new books and talk about bookish things! 

Been a good week this week, got a couple of review books, been reading quite quickly and went on a bit of an ebook buying frenzy, so there's that! When this goes up, I'll still be away for the weekend (family wedding) so I expect to be greeted with lots of nice comments on what you all got this week too!

On The Blog
Review of Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols (4 stars)
Review of Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas (5 stars)

Currently Reading
Just finished Forsaken by Jana Oliver, which was awesome! And now I've started the next in the series, Forbidden, and The Weight of Souls by Bryony Pearce.

On My Bookshelf
Portal 24 by Meredith Stroud
When teen con-artist Darius is approached by a mysterious government agent about joining a 'Project Oberon', he has no idea what to expect. Certainly not that Project Oberon is actually a top-secret experiment which sends teens back through time to prevent disasters before they happen! Before Darius has time to wonder why he's been chosen, his first mission arrives in the form of a huge electromagnetic weapon of mass destruction, which will kill millions of people in New York - unless Darius and the team can stop it. They're confident; it's all in a day's work for these teen wonders, but what they don't bet on is evil mastermind Ludd. And what they don't know is that Ludd knows the deadly secret behind Project Oberon. If Darius and the gang don't make it back to the portal within twenty-four hours, then they'll be lost in time forever...

Time travel, saving the world, government consipiries, what more could you want? Thanks Hot Key Books!

Skulk by Rosie Best

When Meg witnesses the dying moments of a shapeshifting fox and is given a beautiful and powerful stone, her life changes forever. She is plunged into the dark world of the Skulk, a group of shapeshifting foxes.

As she learns about the other groups of shapeshifters that lurk around London – the Rabble, the Horde, the Cluster and the Conspiracy – she becomes aware of a deadly threat against all the shapeshifters. They must put aside all their enmity and hostility and fight together to defeat it

I haven't really read any shapeshifter books but I am really looking forward to this one. Thanks Strange Chemisty!

Now for the e-books...

Stardust by Mini Strong
One of those 'bump into a strange guy, turns out to be famous crush' kinda books. It sounds really cool and I'm always liking the funny chicklit books. (Goodreads)

Vampire University by VJ Erickson
Sounds kind of like Morganville before Claire realised it was run by vampires. And heck, vampires at university sounds plain awesome! (Goodreads)

Enchantment by Charlotte Abel
A world where magic is feared and a teenage girl and her family have to go into hiding to protect themselves. And actually, what clinched it for me was the image of magical chastity belt! I mean, come on! (Goodreads)

Any Red-Blooded Girl by Maggie Bloom
Typical holiday YA, where teen girl is stuck with her parents but is tempted by the local hotties. Perfect for a quick, summery read. (Goodreads)

The Bone Dragon by Alexia Casale
Yeah, you all already know about this, but I haven't read it yet, let alone even looked up what it was about so I'm looking forward to this one. Plus, 99p on Kindle, so why not? (Goodreads)

Myopia by Jeff Gardiner
This was offered for me to review by the author and I'll admit that although it's still practically unknown, it sounds really good. It's all about bullying, and as a victim of it, I like to read stories that let us learn from it. (Goodreads)


  1. I'm so looking forward to The Bone Dragon. I know Michelle adored it so I will too!

  2. Portal 24 sounds amazing, will have to look that one up!

  3. Lots of great books this week. I really like the sound of Skulk so looking forward to hearing your thoughts.