Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Kindle Debate

So you may or may not have been aware that it was my birthday last month. I don't want to talk about how I'm getting old (21 is not old!) but instead talk about the big present I got from my parents. A kindle.

As the Paperwhite was only released this last week, I got it on Saturday which is why I haven't mentioned it before. I have talked about this on my personal blog, probably a year ago now, and I can remember how opposed I was to them. Replace paperback books? How dare they! But they've been around a while now, and quite a few of my friends have them and I've come round to the idea. Especially now that I've got one!

My parents asked me if I wanted one. Mum thought it would help me stop buying so many books and not having any space for them, which I honestly don't now unless I get rid of my wardrobe. I'm obviously not going to stop buying books because I love them too much but I do like having a kindle, being able to flick through the 12 books I've got on there already and not have to worry about fitting them in my room. Plus I can just delete them if I don't like them!

I'm sure that a lot of you are still as opposed to kindles and e-readers as plenty of us book nerds were when they first came out, but actually they're not all bad. I thought one of the major problems I'd have with them was reading off a computer screen but with adjustable brightness it's not all that bad.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that even though I found a bunch of new books to read, a couple of classics and some guilty pleasure novellas, I won't be reviewing at often as I would like. Right now, I'm reading My Mad Hatter by Marie Hall on my kindle (having already finished Happily Never After by Jeaniene Frost), plus Sovay by Celia Rees for my dissertation and Sophie's Choice by William Styron for one of my university modules - on American literature if you're interested. Next up is Lost Souls by Poppy Brite for my Gothic module and Beloved by Toni Morrison, again American Lit. Fun stuff, huh?

So anyway that's my news. I got a kindle - that I love - I plan to get a classic book kindle cover, like this one, and I have way too many books to read! How about you? Reading anything interesting? Got a kindle and love it? Or not?


  1. I was originally against a Kindle for the same reason as you (and probably a lot of other readers) but then when I got one, I kinda don't know how I lived without it. It's great for holidays, travelling or even just to take to work - and you can never run out of stuff to read!
    I hope you get as much of enjoyment out of yours as I have since I've owned one.

    Also Lost Souls is one of my favourite adult books, I would love to hear your thoughts when you finish (l don't know many people who have read/enjoyed any of her work) x

  2. When I was younger I felt the same way. When my dad told me about them (when it was just rumoured ereaders would come out) I remember telling him that I'd never get one, that I loved the feeling of a book in my hand and the new book smell too much to get one.
    Then when I had my little girl and I couldn't read as much as because I didn't have the time or she would try and rip my books when she got that bit older.
    Then, for my 22nd birthday last year my partner got me a Kindle 3G. Not only has it made it a lot easier for me to start reading again, but its made me so happy.
    I never thought I would like it, in fact I remember telling him a month before my birthday that I didn't want one, but I wouldn't be without it now

    I think they are fantastic haha

  3. I was totally against the kindle a little while ago. My uncle got one the christmas before last and I mocked him to no end about how he could have it when a book is so much better. Then last year I kept seeing adverts on amazon for the kindle and I gave in and actually got one, at first I regretted it for some reason because it was a large amount of money (even though I did get the cheapest one) but now it's the best decision I have made in a while and it first and foremost definitely got me back into reading :) I love it now and now I am the one mocked for having been so against it :p